The Best Mirror Ideas For Your Bathroom

bathroom full wall mirror idea

Bathroom mirror plays an important role in every bathroom. They are essential for checking out one’s appearance, applying makeup or shaving. However, its importance goes beyond that. It can do so much more than just showing you a reflection of how you look. It enhances the bathroom as it adds style, light, and it usually provides additional storage space for your cosmetics and medicine to heighten your overall bathroom utility. Ready for some great bathroom mirror ideas? Let’s dive right in!

Bathroom mirror ideas and types

There are various types of bathroom mirrors available in different styles, sizes, colors and shapes based on your preference and bathroom interior. From round, square, oval, rectangular, tinted, transparent to antique frame; there are a wide variety of mirrors to choose from. To further delve on the different types of bathroom mirror options and generally bathroom ideas, you can consider the following;

Shapely Mirrors

Finding the right shape for your bathroom mirror is a huge contributing factor that will massively affect the overall style of your bathroom.

bathroom full wall mirror with led
  • having a long mirror helps to lengthen the overall look of a bathroom as it stretches out the eye along its length.
round led bathroom mirror
  • on the other hand, with a round mirror you can add a touch of softness to your bathroom as it blends seamlessly without disrupting its existing flow.

rounded rectangle bathroom mirror idea

  • a rounded rectangle, dome shaped mirror, pill shaped mirror or popsicle shaped mirror adds a quirky touch to your bathroom. This type of mirror has a multiplied effect of 2 to 3 mirrors when placed accordingly.

Image: Wociety

asymmetrical bathroom mirror idea
  • and lastly, an asymmetrical mirror. Bring a contemporary touch and feel to your bathroom.

pink bathroom with Folded Corner Mirror

Folded Corner Mirrors

We can all agree that room corners make mirrors look awkward. But the good news is, a folded corner mirror can turn these awkward-looking corners into a custom vanity mirror. This type of mirror is the perfect mirror for those who doesn’t have much space in their bathroom. Its design can enhance the overall vibe of your bathroom, whilst utilizing these awkward room corners into something more wonderful and convenient. Folded corner mirrors are also ideal for people who want to have a beautiful corner wall design.

bathroom Concave Mirror

Convex & Concave Mirrors

Perhaps most people are already familiar with the flat type and conventional household mirror, but there is another common type of mirror that has a concave and convex structure. This type of mirror has a surface that is curving away from all directions.

  • convex mirror comes with a curved surface that bends the light it reflects and focuses its focal point at the center. This type of mirror reflects a smaller image, which provides more space for more image to fit compared with normal mirrors.
  • the other kind of folded corner mirror is the concave mirror, which is the opposite of the convex mirror. This type of mirror bends the light it reflects inwards and towards the image. As a result, it produces a seemingly larger view of image that provides a “magnification” for an enlarged version of an object that you want to observe. Concave mirrors are ideal to be used as a dental or makeup mirrors.
White bathroom with square mirrors

Angular Double Mirrors

“Double sinks call for double mirrors” so, if your bathroom consists of two sinks, it is best to pair it up with an angular double mirror to bring symmetry and balance to your bathroom. This type of mirror also provides an extra space in between for extra lighting and added design for your bathroom interior.

contemporary bathroom vanity mirror

Mirrored Vanity

A bathroom vanity mirror is usually placed above the bathroom sink and are particularly used for applying makeup, checking one’s appearance, fixing one’s hair, or basically anything that helps you to look presentable. We might not realize, but this piece of home decor is actually used a lot of times in our day-to-day lives. It is important to choose a vanity mirror that goes well with the decoration and style of your bathroom.

Moreover, you can also incorporate some accessories or mirror frame that pairs up with your vanity mirror. You should choose a color that matches well with the overall color scheme of your bathroom. For instance, a white vanity mirror can be a great option since this type of color blends well with every color.

Marble bathroom with circle mirror

LED Lit Mirrors

A mirror equipped with light emitting diodes (LED) is one of the best perceivable way to get a realistic reflection of an image. Not only does this type of mirror provide a realistic reflection, but it also adds light to the room. Unlike other types of lighted bathroom mirrors, LED-lit mirrors are proven to conserve electricity and produce a pure white light–perfect for shaving and applying makeup. Talk about great bathroom mirror ideas!

Bright white bathroom with circle mirror

Wood Framed Mirror

A traditional wood framed mirror gives off a rural or rustic vibe on any bathroom. This type of mirror are framed with a variety of different wood and color selection. It is important to choose the perfect design depending on your preference and the overall interior of your bathroom. Often, these type of mirrors are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, so having this kind of mirror placed will surely add a wonderful piece of art to your bathroom.

Bright white bathroom with square mirror

Brushed Metal Wall Mirrors

If you wish to bring sophistication to your bathroom mirror, then a brushed metal wall mirror may be the best bathroom mirror for you. This type of mirror has a contemporary design, which complements with various design and styles. The beauty of this type of mirror is how the brushed metal matches with the mirrored glass creating a modern and urban design to your bathroom, whilst providing you with an accurate reflection of yourself.

White bathroom with big square mirror

Frameless Mirror

Over the past couple of years, a lot of designers are incorporating frameless mirrors as a statement of luxury and style in a bathroom. This type of mirror are usually designed with a polished edge or bevelled one. Moreover, this type of mirror provides more reflective surface than the regular ones. The prevalent reason behind this is because it is not equipped with any frame that actually takes some space. By using this type of mirror to your bathroom, you can make the most out of the space you have, whilst giving your room a modern and minimalist feel to it.

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