is it bad luck to break a mirror – breaking mirror brings good luck

Some might not understand the relevance that breaking a mirror holds, or the origin of its importance. Breaking a mirror not only causes a mess, but can also stir up some emotions for those of us who are superstitious.

This myth started with the Romans. They believed that the soul would regenerate every 7 years. So essentially, when you break a mirror, you’re waiting for an entirely new soul to rid yourself of the bad luck.

Others believed that mirrors were actually devices of the Gods. Breaking a mirror would anger the Gods, who would then torment the person who’s last reflection it held. Either way, breaking a mirror is said to bring you heaps of misfortune–unless you use one of these foolproof hacks.

Without hesitation, spin around three times counter clockwise.

Careful not to do this unless you’ve just broken a mirror, as doing so on it’s own actually brings you bad luck. If you do it after breaking a mirror, it will confuse the spirits.

Try not to get too dizzy in the process or you might break something again!

The glass mirror was first invented by the Romans, who along with the Greek, Chinese, African and Indian cultures, believed that a mirror had the power to take away part of a persons soul. Therefore if the image in a mirror became distorted somehow their soul would become corrupt. If the image was distorted due to the mirror itself being broken the situation got even worse! The persons soul would become trapped in the world that the mirror represented. So, a broken mirror, led to a broken soul which led to broken health and happiness…that all makes sense right?

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