How to choose LED mirror lights for bathroom decoration

It is becoming more and more popular to install LED lights in front of bathroom mirrors in bathrooms. So how to choose this lamp seems to have become a headache for many owners. Because many bathroom cabinets are separated from the bathroom mirror headlights, you still have to buy the LED lights yourself. The editor has collected and sorted out some precautions for bathroom mirror headlights:

  1. The choice of light source, we have to choose the appropriate LED mirror headlight according to the size of the bathroom. The conversion of the general household lighting source is 0.7w-1w/square to calculate.
  2. The size of the mirror, when we choose the mirror headlight, we’d better measure the size of the mirror in advance, and choose the appropriate lamp according to its size.
  3. The light color of the LED mirror front light is our best choice is white monochrome, of course, there are some other colors to choose from.
  4. In the choice of lampshade, we’d better choose a frosted lampshade, because this way the light will appear softer.

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