How big should a bathroom mirror be?

Evaluate your mirror, its shape, and how it complements in relation to the other items in your bathroom. Accurately measure its length and width.

Things that you’ll be needing:

  • tape
  • paint
  • paint brushes
  • tape measure
  • stencil cutouts
  • wood adhesive
  • decorative wood
  • wood molding cut

You should be particular with the size of your bathroom mirror. If you chose a mirror that is too small, your bathroom mirror might look misplaced and disappear on its own. But if you happen to choose an overly huge one, you might end up creating a unintended focal point in your bathroom.

However, it all goes down to your own preference. If you want to go small, you might as well would consider having three (3) or more identical mirrors of the same size and display it as you please. On the other hand, if you prefer to go for bigger sized mirrors, it is important to choose a mirror that is proportionate to your bathroom, and seamlessly blends and without disrupting its overall style.

For the indecisive ones, perhaps an in-between or moderate sized mirror is the right one for you. A 1m long mirror or a 60cm sized mirror will look great depending on your overall bathroom set-up. Conversely, you can also go for mirrors with different sizes to do the trick.

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